Women at Emmanuel

As a church we have a heart to see people, whatever their life stage or circumstances, grow in their walk with God. Women at Emmanuel is a group dedicated to encouraging and supporting women in our church to go deeper in their relationships with each other and with God.

This happens as we meet on Sundays to worship, learn from scripture and have the opportunity to pray for and minister to each other and to get to know each other and share our lives.

We also run regular and occasional events during the year.


Many women in our church of all ages are involved in discipling each other and/or have benefited from such relationships in the past. Discipleship at Emmanuel takes many different forms. It may happen for you through an Emmanuel Community, or you can form your own Faith Club or make enquiries to be linked up with someone.

groups meeting during the week

There is a Thursday evening group โ€œEncourage, Love and Prayโ€ (ELP) which is a group of women who meet to do exactly that. Meetings take a varied format, with times of sharing, praying, studying the bible and focussing on different topics and areas that members of the group are involved with. For more information please contact Carrie Molloy Clay.

A women's Spirit Filled Bible Study Group takes place on Tuesday mornings in the Belmont area. Second and fourth Tuesdays of the month are for study, the first Tuesday of the month is for prayer and fifth Tuesdays may include coffee mornings or other activities. For more information please contact Elena Speller or Janet Lawrence.

A new women's group started in 2017, called Be-loved. It is an extended Faith Club, for women to explore and discover together subjects that affect Christian women and which perhaps wouldn't be discussed in a mixed setting.  There is a time of sharing, a topic for discussion and time for prayer.  The group meets monthly usually on the third Tuesday at The Durham Centre. For more information, see Lynsey Holmes or Naomi Ryan. Email: lynsey3101@yahoo.co.uk

It's worth taking the time to reflect and pray about how you might want to be involved in any of the above - about what you feel might be appropriate for you to either receive or give.

To explore more about how this might help you in your walk with God, please get in touch. Email: women@emmanuel.org.uk

Contact us

For more information and details about any of the activities please contact us.

Sheila Alty and a team of women co-ordinate the above.  We always welcome new ideas, feedback, and help in planning and running future events. If you are interested please get in touch.