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We believe we get to know each other and build relationships and friendships best in small numbers.

Hence, every member of Emmanuel Church is encouraged to join a Community.

Although no two groups are the same, they are often 10 to 15 people who meet weekly or fortnightly in each other’s homes to share life, learn and pray together.

Our Communities meet across County Durham. See the map and details below for further information. 
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Where: Belmont
Leaders: Martin and Janette Marklew and Sandra and Alan Bell
When: Tuesday evenings, weekly
Vision: Creating an environment where people can freely encounter the Holy Spirit. John 7:37-38


Where: Durham
Leaders: John and Jackie Renshaw
When: Thursday evenings, weekly
Vision: To glorify God, to support and encourage each other and to build our faith. We do this through Bible study with personal application, worship, prayer and testimonies to what God has done in our lives.

Where: Gilesgate
Leaders: Mark and Sarah Tallentire
When: Wednesday evenings; plus monthly at weekends and other activities
Vision: We hope to help one another deepen our relationship with Jesus and demonstrate His love to communities of Gilesgate around us

Where: Hartlepool
Leaders: Barry and Anna Lewis
When: Thursday evenings
Vision:We are a group who are determined to see Jesus glorified in
our own lives, in Hartlepool and in the surrounding region; by his Spirit
through his Word and loving each other. John 13 Vs 35.



Where: Newton Hall
Leaders: Dennis and Joy Philip
When: Tuesday evenings, twice a month
Vision: To grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ through Bible study, worship, prayer, mutual encouragement and support.



Where: Belmont
Leaders: Steve and Virginia Hill
When: Wednesday evenings, 2nd and 4th of the month
Vision: To encourage and stir up one another to love and good works and to explore our faith



Where: Chester-le-Street
Leaders: Adam and Hannah Finn and Claire and Ali Scott
When: Wednesday evenings, weekly
Vision: We are passionate about encountering Jesus by His Spirit and through His Word, learning what it means to be family together and reaching out with the love of Jesus to Chester-le-Street and the surrounding area.



Where: Ferryhill
Leaders: Stephen and Christine Houldsworth
When: Thursday evenings, weekly
Vision: Encouraging one another in prayer and study to run the race set out for us.