God heals!

Earlier this year, John Parker, one of our elders, and his wife Chris returned to Durham from a year in Japan, where they started a church in their home.

Here, a member of the church, Huldah, shares a story of God performing a miraculous healing.

Yesterday we had our wonderful gathering as usual!
The lady from Chiba Prefecture has come by car with her husband.
Since she suffered from the cerebral haemorrhage nine years ago, whenever humidity is high she tends to become ill.
Yesterday we had a heavy rain from the morning due to an approaching typhoon.
When she arrived, she was terribly ill, the right side of her body was numbed and she was hardly able to walk by herself.
We briefly prayed over her before worship and I told her: ‘The Lord will heal you while you are praising Him’.
Not directly touching her but slightly placing my hand above her head where the stroke hit her, I prayed for her healing, because she said she felt a pain even if touched a little.
After we praised the Lord for 30 minutes, we found out she had been healed!
Our Lord is faithful to our prayer!