Livewires in Madagascar!

Emmanuel Church and Livewires are about to reach out to Madagascar!

Pete and Ali Gray, our deacons for children and youth work, and Scarlett Payne, our FP intern, are to spend a week in the African island nation with Africa Inland Mission.

They’ll be working with young people from missionary families at AIM’s annual conference, exploring how young people can be evangelists in everyday life.

The connect is through Livewires, a children’s organisation which works locally, nationally and internationally.

Pete explains more…

Helping out a local charity

Members of our Emmanuel Community in Gilesgate have a long-standing friendship with Durham Action on Single Housing (DASH), a local homelessness charity.

Over the last couple of years, they have redecorated DASH’s residents’ communal room, helped out with gardening, sorted donated clothes and renovated donated furniture, as well as providing Christmas hampers for DASH residents.

On Sunday 14th October, they spent their afternoon helping out with gardening at DASH HQ and upcycling some donated furniture.

It’s great to be supporting such a good cause locally.