Prophetic dream

Adam Finn, one of our members, recently shared a prophetic dream he had about our vision to buy the Microchem unit, next to The Durham Centre, and convert it into The Emmanuel Centre.

What Adam saw, John Renshaw painted. Click through the images below to follow the dream.

If you are unable to read the image captions, the text is as follows:

I saw three huge vats full of grain in front of the Microchem building. The vats were so large that the width of the three covered the length of the Microchem building and they were as tall as the Microchem building so that the building was completely covered by the vats.
At the bottom of each of the vats was a door like the door on the front of a gritting box and the doors were shut tight and locked. I then heard God say to me “Ask me to open the doors”. So I said “Lord open the doors”.
I then saw a man with a machine gun walk from left to right hitting each door in turn with the butt of the gun and the grain flowed out of the vats into heaps in front of the now opened doors - the vats themselves were still 2/3rds to 3/4s full.
God then spoke again and said “This grain is for the feeding of the nations”.
I believe that:
The vats covered the Microchem building because the Lord is giving us this building.
God is asking us to ask him to open the doors of His provision for the building.
God is telling us what its purpose is i.e.”for the feeding of the nations”.