Life learning

Freedom in Christ

“If you hold to my teaching … then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free”

— Jesus, from John 8:32

The Freedom in Christ discipleship course is for everyone – whether you have been a Christian for five minutes or 50 years. 

It helps us to build into our everyday life the truths about the freedom Jesus has won for us.  We’ve seen people who thought their lives were OK find even more of the love, joy and presence of God through the course.  We’ve also seen God free people from the ‘baggage’ we all pick up in life.  And God has freed people from doing or thinking unhelpful things.

A typical evening will be: 
·        Coffee, tea and cakes
·        Worship
·        Two or three videos, each about 10 to 15 minutes, with clear teaching from the Bible about the freedom Jesus has won for us, and examples and testimonies of how that works out in our lives
·        ‘Pause for Thought’ times, with an opportunity to discuss the teaching in small groups

An away day then allows time for the Holy Spirit to apply this teaching into each person’s life.  The day can be just time for each individual to be with God, with prayer guided by suggestions from a DVD.  Or some people may prefer to have another person guide them through it.  It is straightforward, gentle and kind. It is facilitated by ordinary Christians.

You may have done the ‘Steps to Freedom in Christ’ away day previously, but this course contains a lot more. There is practical Bible-based teaching, and testimonies of how the Holy Spirit has changed lives.  Even if you’ve done the away day before, come again on the course!  Many people have used it as a regular spiritual ‘MOT’!

Pre-marriage Preparation

Here at Emmanuel we value marriage greatly and believe it is the foundation for family life. It is a big, life-changing decision to get married and we want to stand on this journey.
To help couples prepare for their future together, we are able to provide a pre-marriage course. Over a few weeks, we explore issues that need to be thought through before marriage.

The Marriage Course

We run a Marriage Course based on the highly successful model pioneered by Nicky and Sila Lee, of Holy Trinity Brompton Church, London.
The course is described as an MOT for marriages. It’s open to all couples, regardless of how well or badly their marriage is going and how long they’ve been married.
The evening sessions include a video and involve only discussion between the partners – there’s no group work.

The Parenting Children and Parenting Teenagers courses

Here at Emmanuel we value greatly parenthood and the importance of bringing up children well. We realise this can be a challenge as well as a joy! 
We run The Parenting Children Course based on the highly successful model pioneered by Nicky and Sila Lee at Holy Trinity Brompton Church, London.