Frontier Project (FP) is our internship programme, run in conjunction with our Newfrontiers family of churches.

The programme lasts for ten months, from September to June, and consists of five key elements:

1) Church work: interns choose one or two projects through which they can serve our church, for two-and-a-half days a week. Previously, interns have chosen social action, youth work, student work, worship and media and administration.

2) Theological and leadership training: there are six training weeks during the year, consisting of teaching from respected leaders on aspects of theology and church leadership. These involve interns from across the region and are supplemented by weekly discussions led by Ali Scott, our students and 20s pastor, and private study.

3) Mission: the year includes both a UK and an overseas mission trip. Additionally, there are mission opportunities in Durham and the surrounding area.

4) Discipleship: interns will be in one-to-one discipling relationships – both being discipled and discipling others.

5) External placement: interns service the community through a charity or an external organisation.

If you’re interested in finding out more, email John:

FP INTERNS 2017/18

Our FP interns for 2017/18 are Hannah Pereira, Tom Widdowson, Ashley Corke, Micah Cox and Chloe Boyd.