freedom in christ

These videos explain the course and include some testimonies of how God has used it:

The Freedom in Christ teaching and ministry is something all Christians can benefit from.  Our vision is that all believers can have:

·         Identity: secure in who we are in Christ; knowing the power available to us in the Holy Spirit;

·         Freedom: from anything that could hold us back, including freedom from the baggage of our past and present;

·         Purpose: released for joyful relationship with the Father, to be fruitful disciples of Jesus.


In Christ we are secure, accepted and significant children of our Father, because of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  The glorious resources of God are given to us through the Holy Spirit.  The Freedom in Christ course helps us to live our lives based on such Biblical truths.

Jesus said, ‘If you hold to my teaching … then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’
— John 8:32
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More than 100 people have done the Freedom in Christ course at Emmanuel over the last few years.  The course is for people who have been Christians for 5 minutes or 50 years (or anything in between), for people who feel they have issues to sort out and people who don’t – in short for every Christian.

 You would be very welcome to join us on the next course, either to do the course for yourself or to learn the material in order to help others – or best of all come on the course for both reasons!


For dates of the next course, see below

For more information or to sign up, email or speak to Richard or Sheila Alty, Keith Mallard, Dawn Shearsmith or Janet Hayes.

People who took part in this course at Emmanuel said:

·         “Life-changing, freeing, transforming”

·         “More freedom = more willingness to step out of my comfort zone”

·         “It has deepened my understanding, faith and trust in God.”

·         “Knowing that I am accepted and significant is wonderful.”

·         “God living in me, I am holy, a child of God …  amazing”

·         “It breaks through barriers to growth and gives a whole new perspective to my walk with God.”

·         “I know how to deal with strongholds that existed in my life and I know that peace is possible.”

·         “I have greater confidence in the power of Biblical truth and proclaiming it over my life.”

·         “I am no longer carrying my past into my future.”

·         “I have seen improvements in my family life and my work life.”

·         “I have developed a real focus on Jesus and a further deepening of my relationship with him.”


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Dates for the 2019 Freedom In Christ Course

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If you would like to come on the course but can't make evenings, get in touch and we'll see if a midweek daytime course can be arranged.