At Emmanuel Church, we're not after your money. We want to invite you to meet Jesus and receive His free gift of love and life in all its abundance.

If you would like to give into supporting our work, that would be great. 

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an introduction to giving

Thank you for taking the time to read this information about Giving, which we hope will help you align yourself to a biblical approach to your finances and lead you into freedom from something which can easily entangle us.

While our aim is to equip you to take steps in your discipleship, we would also encourage you to talk to someone, so you are able to pray together, hear testimony and support each other in your journey.

Your Emmanuel Community leader will be a great person to talk to.

Giving Journey

We are all on a giving journey. Laying it out here will help you see where you are currently, and prayerfully consider where you would like to be. 

Giving journey.jpg

We all start as non-givers, but hopefully not for long.  We trust as you connect with the church’s vision you will feel inspired to contribute financially. Once you do so, you become a first-time giver, and we are grateful for the trust you show to us in that giving. At this stage we would encourage you to consider filling in a Gift Aid form (see below). This enables us, as a registered charity, to claim back tax you have paid on your contribution. All that's required is a one-off signing of the form.

Becoming a regular giver is the next step in the journey, which is often done by setting up a Standing Order with your bank to transfer funds on a monthly basis, ensuring faithfulness in giving. 

The next step, becoming a tither, is the only time God says His faithfulness can be tested by us (Malachi 3:10). Tithing has been described as "returning the first 10% of your gross income to God through the church."

Many of us can testify to seeing the blessing of God in our lives as we take this step of faith - just ask. Interestingly, from the Malachi passage we also learn the tithe is the Lord's anyway, so it’s only as we go beyond that into becoming extravagant givers that we are truly giving to God out of what is ours - but then again all is God's anyway!

Some people take this journey gradually, while others feel faith to jump onward. What we would like you to do is identify where you are currently and prayerfully consider a faith goal to move on. 

Tools to Help You

Here are some tools to help you move on in your giving journey. We would encourage you to discuss these steps with a trusted friend. If you have a more technical question please contact our Finance Deacon via

Gift Aid

If you are eligible, please complete a Gift Aid form and return it to our Finance Deacon, or place it in the Sunday offering. Gift Aid forms are available on request.

Sunday Meetings

Every Sunday meeting there is an opportunity, as part of our worship, to give financially. This can be done in a number of ways:

Putting cash/ cheques into the offering

Cheques should be payable to "Emmanuel Church, Durham”. Please place cash into an envelope, labelled with your name, so that it is traceable for Gift Aid.

Bank transfer

Using our sort code and account number, you can give directly via your banking app or website. Please contact us for more information.

Standing Order

Setting up a Standing Order is easily achieved by contacting your bank with our account details. Please contact us for more information.

Online giving

You can give to Emmanuel Church online by clicking the link at the top of this page.

Special Offerings

During the year we have opportunity to give into specific Gift Days, which are detailed on each occasion. 

Our Gift Days over the years have been able to support numerous projects both local and global. Here is a flavour of what we have been able to support together:

Education project in Clarens, South Africa

Acquiring and developing The Durham Centre

Rehobote church, Lesotho

Safe Familes for Children, Durham

Building an education centre in Nashik, India

FP interns, Durham

Filadelfia Bible College, Udaipur, India

Chester-le-Street congregation plant 

Leadership development in Pune, India

Alms giving

We place a high value on church being a family and so encourage people to care for those in need in the church, including in finances. If you would like to give directly to people in need, this may be financial or it may come in a different form. 

Durham Money Advice Centre

Many people experience problems with their finances, which can be for many reasons. The most important thing to do is to get help.

Durham Money Advice Centre is a face to face service offering free confidential help for anyone struggling with debt or managing their money.

Contact: or 0191 303 7514.

Thank you

We are so grateful that God has called you to be part of the Emmanuel Church family and look forward with expectancy to all God is going to do in and through us together. Thank you for your willingness to give into this great work. We trust that this information has helped you move forwards in this key discipleship issue (indeed, Jesus spoke more on finances than any other subject). And we pray that you will be able to testify to God’s faithfulness as you move onward in your giving journey, and are able to live in the freedom it brings.

Our accounts are appropriately verified annually and submitted to the Charity Commission, our last five years' returns can be viewed there.

If you have any questions, please do feel free to ask. If they are of a technical nature perhaps contact our Finance Deacon via, or if theological your Emmanuel Community leader or one of the elders.

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Registered charity number 1120286