James is healed!

We believe God is real, alive and active in the world today. And he’s more than capable of doing miracles, such as healing us.

Last weekend, as Marc Dupont led us in a weekend of teaching, prayer and worship, and James was miraculously healed.

Watch James’ video testimony here:

Another friend, John, writes of what he experienced…

I had been suffering from a bad back last week. On Friday evening during the worship, I became aware that I could move around, stand, sit and bend over painlessly. I testified to this, but I was careful not to say that I’d been healed because I wasn’t completely sure at that stage. All I knew was that the pain had completely gone. In the Saturday morning meeting Marc Dupont asked how my back was and I said that the pain had returned but it was better than it had been before Friday evening. It is still sore but gradually improving. So I can’t give a testimony of instantaneous complete healing, but I am grateful to God for giving me a pain-free worship time on Friday and for the gradual improvement in my back over the weekend.