Ross' miraculous healing

We believe God heals people today by his supernatural power. This is Ross' story...

"In August 2016 I became very ill with a mystery illness. I became very confused and acted very strangely. I visited my falls consultant on a regular clinic visit and he immediately admitted me to hospital. Over the next eight weeks I grew steadily worse even though every test was negative. I became comatose almost to the point of  coma, was incommunicative and still acting very strangely in my comatose state.   

Many many people were praying for me during this time. 

My consultant who is a wonderful Christian Brother telephoned my daughter who is my first contact and told her I had only 48 hours to live as my body had basically shut down and there was nothing more he could do. He asked if she knew of my last wishes and advised her to have my family come to see me as a matter of great urgency. 

My Pastor came to see me during the first 24 hours of that time and was horrified to see the change in me since his last visit just days before and told my very good friend he was preparing for my funeral. 

During the second 24 hours I suddenly woke up to find my bed surrounded by many of my family and friends waiting for me to die, though I was obviously totally unaware of this.  I looked around and in a perfectly normal voice said “Hello everybody.”  

In that instant I was made completely  well. The Lord healed me in an instant. The nursing staff kept coming to my bedside saying they had witnessed a miracle. The Sister repeatedly told me I was her miracle patient and epitomised everything she went into nursing for. My Consultant when he saw me punched the air, gave me a huge hug and told me that it was God, as medicine could do no more for me. 

I have suffered no relapses. 

My Father is a good, good Father and is obviously not finished with me yet. 

I’ve learned that as long as we draw breath He has purpose for our lives."