Update from FP intern Scarlett

Scarlett Payne, our Frontier Project intern, has sent an update on her work - in the form of three poems! Enjoy!

A poem to the Lord of all

You make the leaves dance, 
The roses smell sweet.
You are in the changing of leaves
      from green to orange,
Oh how I adore Your creation. 

Your grace abounds,
Your joy fulfils,
There is nothing like Your peace.

As I walk I am with You,
And You with me.
You are in the process,
Making all things new.

I look to you.
In the midst of turmoil, of pressure
    and toil.
You give compassion, 
We’re blessed to be made in Your image.

God Chooses

You rule and you reign,
You take me high when I am low.
You give me hope, keep me sane,
On my knees to you I’ll bow.

I know you’re here when I’m afraid,
I know you’ll catch my fall.
I know the truth is what you’ve said,
And not what I’ve felt at all.

There is no other like you,
There could be no greater name.
There, Jesus lay in the tomb, 
But He rose again three days late.

Thank you God for loving me,
Thank you for your patience.
Thank you that your grace runs
Chosen by You , not coincidence.

His Hand Made (Madagascar)

My soul awakes, 
For the Lord. 
The sun is risen, 
I hear the chords. 
Of birds singing,
The wind whistling. 
Oh what a beautiful morning, 
Yes! What a wonderful day.

Cheers of laughter, 
Parents shout after, 
It’s time for breakfast I hear.
Grace at the table, 
Food on the table, 
Toddlers or cubs, I can’t tell?

But come 08:15,
No adults I see,
It’s time to take an adventure. 

Games & crafts, 
Make a good start, 
But bible stories are fun!

Kids gather together,
Discuss what matters,
Our God in heaven above. 

A prayer here,
A prayer there. 
How many? 
Who cares!

The Lord knows our hearts;
Who we are. 

Lunch is a rush, 
Kids come back to us, 
More energised than ever before. 
Go down to the woods, 
Build a den in a bush, 
Please, no poking any eyes out! 

Great minds,
Creative hands,
In His image we stand.
Our purposes yet to be revealed...

Then bickering starts,
Families are hard,
But it’s nothing our God cannot
Music on, 
Praise the One,
Who was and is to come.

Dinner appears, 
Kid’s table, or here?
An invitation to both leaves me stuck.
But the cooks are great, 
Though my French I grate, 
The veggies come out and I smile.

Sun setting,
Showers wetting, 
Another day of bliss in God’s land.
Can’t forget that woodpecker,
The lizards or flowers,
His hand is what made