International Sunday - Oh, what a morning!

Praying the Psalms in different languages

We had a wonderful time celebrating our second International Sunday on Sunday 23rd April, 2017.

Our Durham and Chester-le-Street congregations came together to celebrate the diversity with which God has blessed us, and the places and nations into which God has called us to minister.

 Our International Choir

Our International Choir

Among the many fantastic things going on:
- An international choir supported our worship
- Individuals wore traditional dress of their home nation, or a country they have links to
- Individuals carried the flags of their home nations
- Psalms were prayed in different languages
- We prayed for causes and churches we are partnering with in India and South Africa
- We made an offering for work in Burundi
- We prayed for Gideon and Dara as they are about to move to Leicester

Many years ago, God gave us a prophetic word to "Look to the nations and I will give you Durham". We are so thankful that God is fulfilling his promise around us and through us. More Lord!