Children and Youth growth

God is blessing us greatly with growth among our children and young people.

On Sunday 31st January, we heard from our fantastic deacon Pete Gray and youth worker Helen Edwards on what God has been doing, what He's doing now and where we are in faith He will take us in future.

We are really blessed to be part of a growing family here at Emmanuel. Over the past few years we’ve had more and more children and young people join our Sunday morning groups - we now average 90-100 individuals every week!
We already have an amazing, dedicated children’s and youth work team who give their time to engage and teach the younger half of our congregation. The problem is is that whilst our church as a whole has grown, unfortunately our serving teams have not. In some cases they’ve actually shrunk in numbers.
In order for us to keep investing in our children and young people we really need people to step forward to help with the work we do.
In particular, I’m looking for people to help with our 11-14s on a Sunday morning and our 11-18s Wildfire group on Fridays. These teams currently only have four leaders in total each - and when we need two leaders per session, I’m sure you can see why we’re a little stretched at the moment.
In a time of growth we really want to be pushing forward and expanding rather than thinking that we may have to start cutting back. So I would ask that you would spend some time praying and see if this is something you could spend serving in.
Pete, Ali and I are here to equip and train you to share the Gospel across the age groups and we would be happy to answer any questions that you have about the work the church is doing.
— Helen Edwards, youth worker