An amazing story...

Bekah Coomber, one of our students at Emmanuel, brings this amazing story...

"God is so unbelievably good! My car broke down and I was pretty annoyed at God about this because I needed my car and was a bit confused as to why it happened. I'd just been to have my battery replaced.

So I made friends with a guy at the garage and found out that he had a wife and a son. He also told me about his very difficult childhood and moving away.

Because he's never had a stable home or seen a stable relationship, he doesn't know how to love his wife or his son at all. And he's worried that it's just going to become a cycle.

So I told him that I believed that God could set him free from that and that it didn't have to be a cycle, that he had a loving Father, and that God loved him like ridiculously and relentlessly and unconditionally. And then he started crying. And then I asked to pray, and he said yes!

And then I prayed for him and he cried some more and then told me he felt like a weight had been lifted from him and it was like someone was giving him this massive hug.

So then I asked if he wanted to know more about Jesus, and he said yes! So I spoke about Jesus for a bit and then he said 'I want to know him' and I told him about being a Christian and then he became a Christian!

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