Claire's healing story

We at Emmanuel Church Durham believe God heals people today.

Claire Wakefield recently experienced just such a miraculous hearing. Here's her story.

Thank You Father God for my healing ... I attended the prophetic training meeting at the end of October which was led by Jordan Seng.
At the end of the meeting, he asked people to stand if they wanted prayer for healing. I didn’t stand straight away but when he added “If you have a condition that means that you will know when God has healed you” I stood up.
I had a growth on my ear that covered the whole of the top of the ear. It had appeared only a week or two before the meeting but Tony (my husband) told me that it looked horrible!
After being prayed for, I felt my ear but nothing had seemingly happened. However, within about a week, I realised that something HAD happened. The growth was turning into a kind of scab and 22 days after being prayed for, the last bit of the growth came off my ear.
I had been healed - Praise God - and my ear was as good as new. No marks or scarring, just good healthy skin. Thank You God for my healing!
— Claire Wakefield