Janet's healing story

Janet Hayes has experienced a healing of her shoulder. Here's her amazing story:

I had a problem with one of my shoulders for several months. This restricted movement and caused pain when I was doing normal everyday things like putting on a coat or picking up a bag and it was worse when I did physical activities like dancing. I was prayed for by friends - specifically for healing for the shoulder. At the time I felt as though greater movement was possible but did the usual thing of thinking “Is it, isn’t it, am I just imagining it because I want it to be better....”. Over the following couple of days I realised I was no longer favouring the shoulder. I had normal movement and there was no pain involved. When I went dancing that week, I had the freedom to move without any pain. Since then I have had no problems with the shoulder. Life is so normal in that respect now that until hearing Claire’s story on Sunday I had forgotten that there ever was one.