Scarlett's December FP Internship Update

Scarlett, our FP intern for this year, has just provided us with her latest update from December…

I have drawn out a lot of what God told me in December. He has been growing the gift of prophecy in me slowly but it accelerated during and after the Rising Tide Conference, where I first saw the green "Go!" (image 1). The captions for each picture are below (numbers correspond).

Scarlett FP Update December.jpeg
  1. God showed me the colour green, representing go. He revealed that "I'm not too young, I'm not too inexperienced, the same Spirit lives in me!" Believing these lies had given the devil the power to hold me at amber. 

  2. God shows me webbed feet and says He is equipping our church to swim in  waves. He will build each one of us in strength, even when we don't feel like strong swimmers. His reassurance keeps our heads above the water.

  3. I feel discouraged and don't believe in myself when hearing God, and think others won't believe in me either. I sit down and pray, crying to God. He says "I believe in you". I realise it doesn't matter how I feel, because He is always with me. 

  4. I see Jesus kneeling at my side. I kneel in front of Him. He takes my hands and we look into each other's eyes. I hand Him my vanity (in planning, performance & success), He turns it into a butterfly and shows me his desire to hand back wisdom. 

  5. Someone gave me the image of an igloo melting, with the message being that it's providing protection for me in winter but as it melts I will have a new house to protect me through all seasons.

  6. I had a dream that I was trapped in a house with a leopard, but I showed courage and stroked behind its ears. It responded by purring and licking my hands softly. I let it teethe on my fingers too, like a puppy. God tells me there will one day be harmony amongst His creatures. I am encouraged to live for that day now.

  7. Someone sees me as an ant turning continuously in the wet, searching for the dry, but when found, it slows down. When I seek God I am steadfast, but can become complacent in faith. Jesus didn't live a safe life - God is calling me to make more of my life wet!

  8. Someone sees a swan, with its feet directing its way downriver, turning towards evangelism or prophecy. Them and myself will grow in learning how to prophetically evangelise and when to use either one gift or both together. 

  9. I see the inability to straighten curly hair: life is not straight forward, it's complicated! You can't change it's nature, so you have to learn to live with it, to embrace it's twists and turns. Learn it's ways through relationship with its Creator (Isiah 30).

  10. On a prayer walk, I speak and sing out loud to God in upset with the selfishness of this world. However, as I walk back home, my prayers turn to God's goodness and sovereignty. I repeat this poem again and again. I grasp that to make a difference on earth, we must set our eyes on Heaven.

  11. I see the pendulum swinging from side to side, then the image zooms out to be a grandfather clock. I understand from this not to be distracted by changing times (clock-face), but focus on your constant two-way relationship with God (pendulum). 

  12. I see the huge tail of a whale. But then, as it splashes down into the ocean, the wave it creates is even bigger! God says that the amazement we have at what He offers our church (the microchem building) is minor compared to the tide (of people) it will create when His direction is trusted and followed. 

Prayer and Fasting week

It’s an exciting time for us as a church.

We believe God is going to do a work of the Spirit, and we want to be prepared for it.

With this in mind, our elders have called a week of Prayer and Fasting, beginning on Monday 14th January.

We will be praying for individuals, teams, ministries and the world.

If you have attended a service at Durham or Chester-le-Street recently, or received our recent enewsflash, you will have received a booklet as guidance in your prayer.

If you haven’t received one, or would like to know more, please get in touch.