Serving teams

God calls us to be servants to one another. Here, find out more about the people and teams who serve to make our Sunday morning meetings at Durham and Chester-le-Street come together.

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Worship Team

We were made to worship God, so it’s natural that we love doing it!
We’re so thankful that God has blessed us as a church with wonderful musical abilities, which are used to bring us into worshipping God in our Sunday morning meetings and at other times.
We have a number of bands who serve us in this way and we seek to nurture and develop the talents God has given to individuals, so that they can grow in these and serve the church.
Alongside our musicians and singers, we also have people who ensure song words are properly displayed on a large screen (known as the SongPro team) and others who run the sound desk (known as the PA team).
The worship team is overseen by Ryan Marklew. 

Communications team

We believe effective communication is vital to ensuring achieving our goal of being a growing, charismatic, family church with a world vision.
Communication is so easy to get wrong and so important to get right.
Our communications team is responsible for areas as diverse as newsletters, Sunday notices, this website, our social media presence, photography and video – and there’s much more!
We seek to nurture the creative, communicative and administrative gifts God has given to us by allowing individuals to thrive and grow, in an area they are called to and enjoy.
The communications team is overseen by Mark Tallentire.

Ministry team

We believe in the power of prayer to change things and we believe in praying for one another.
Everyone is called to pray. But God also sometimes calls and gifts people to seek His heart in particular circumstances, which may be hallmarked by persistence, depth and commitment, which may be exercised individually or corporately.
The prayer ministry team is trained in this area and ready to stand with people in prayer on Sundays and at other times. They can be identified on Sundays by the red-ribboned tags they wear around their neck.
The prayer ministry team is overseen by John Parker. 

Sunday Coffee team

We love to bless people attending our Sunday morning meetings by providing free tea and coffee at our meetings.

Volunteers are given training and will be on duty every few weeks.
You miss some of the meeting, but you do get to say hello to lots of people!

Children’s and Youth Work

Here at Emmanuel we value greatly the part that children and young people play in our church life. We’re delighted to be able to offer high-quality children’s and youth activities on Sundays and during the week, led by Pete Gray, our full-time children’s and youth pastor.
Pete is supported by a large number of people running sessions on Sundays and during the week for children aged 16 months to 18 years.
We are always looking for more people to get involved. Children’s and youth workers are needed for two to three hours, once or twice a month. Training on child protection is mandatory and we provide extra training in leading sessions.


We want to offer everyone a warm welcome to Emmanuel Church. Our Stewards serve on Sunday mornings to greet guests and help make them feel at home.
They also respond to questions or requests during the meeting.

Stewards can be identified on Sundays by their black T-shirts.
The stewarding team is overseen by Pam Bulman.

We also have teams responsible for car parking, counting tithes and offerings and safety.