The 'normal' of Spirit-filled life

Ray Lowe speaks on Acts 8, emphasising that the miraculous things we read about should be the norm in Spirit-filled life and a Spirit-filled church.

From Emmanuel Church Durham on Sunday 24th February, 2018. 

Ray has been a spiritual father to our church for many years. He now assists Steve Oliver in leading the Regions Beyond family of churches, of which we are part. For more, click here

Romans: The Gospel of God

Ali Scott speaks on The Gospel of God, particularly the righteousness of God, and how we're not to be fearful of it, but rejoice in it.

Starting the Romans: The Gospel of God series.

From Emmanuel Church Durham on Sunday 4th February, 2018.

During his talk, Ali references a talk he gave in November 2014. You can listen to that here

Emmanuel Communities Sunday

Emmanuel Communities Sunday, on Sunday 28th January, 2018, was a celebration of our Communities, established and new.

Alan Bell introduces testimonies, and speaks about the vision for Emmanuel Communities.

See also videos from Dan and Rachel Baker speaking about the value of being part of an Emmanuel Community and showcasing the life and activities of our Emmanuel Communities, here

For more information on our Emmanuel Communities, click here.