International adventure!

Our lead pastor Alan Bell has left for four weeks in international mission. Here, find out what he's up to...

The adventure begins

On Wednesday 26th August, Lesley Miller, Richard Davies and l set off for Udaipur in northwest India where we will be working with Finny Philip and the students of Filadelfia Bible College. 

I have been taking a small team out to Udaipur for the last 15 years, and on every trip God has moved powerfully.  Please pray for Lesley as she meets each morning with the female students, and for Richard and me as we meet with the young men. 

As well as the morning sessions, we will also meet every evening with the entire student body of 130 to 140 young people and are looking to God for miracles take place.  Pray that in every meeting we see individuals have powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit. 

On Sunday 30th August l will be preaching in the main church with a congregation of over 600, and the following Sunday Richard and l will be travelling to the village of Pai to preach at their morning meeting.  Pai is the village where we have financed the construction of a new building for the church, and a major extension to the school run by the church.

After a short stop over in Dubai, Richard and Lesley return to the UK, while l fly on to South Africa where Steve Oliver is gathering 15 men from across the world for a week of fellowship and challenge.  I am not sure what to expect and have no idea of the programme for the week.  Pray that it is a significant time together.  I eventually return to Durham on Wednesday 23rd September.